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Our history

“God, in all his wise providence, put into the hearts of a few of his Baptized Believers to expand His good work by establishing a church. The name of that church would be Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church.”


Wednesday, May 2, 1956, marks the beginning of our church history when Reverend Felix Robinson Sr., Founding Pastor, called together Reverend Otto Robinson, Sis. Annie Bell Robinson, Sis. Katie Washington, Bro. John Washington, Bro. Samuel Robinson, Sis. Mary Robinson, Sis. Christine Robinson, and many others, to organize a church.

After a powerful prayer service, it was confirmed by Holy Spirit that a Missionary Baptist Church would, in fact, be organized. The name of this church would be… EBENEZER.


The following Monday morning, May 7, 1956, the Lord directed Reverend Felix Robinson and Brother John Washington to 1943 Ashby Avenue in Berkeley, CA. Knowing this was the place God called them to be, they immediately occupied the building and began preparing it and making it suitable for worship. Everyone donated furniture and other items and within one week the church was ready to be formally organized.


During that time, an installation service was held. Reverend A.O. Bell acted as Moderator, while Reverend I.H. Lewis, Reverend C.E Henderson and Reverend J.L. Richards were present. That night, Reverence A.D. Bell took in eight people with letters to become members. After the invitation was given, Brother James Hampton Sr. and Sister Estella Hampton became members by Christian experience. The church unanimously elected Reverend Felix Robinson as Pastor of the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church. On Sunday, May 13, 1956, Mother’s Day, Ebenezer held its very first worship service and has been continuing to open its doors ever since.


Over the past 60 years, the church has gone through some growth and transition. In August of 68’ the church purchased a larger building at is present location—1839 Woolsey Street in Berkeley. Rev. Robinson pastored and served our church for 30 years until his passing. After careful consideration, we then elected Rev. Earl H. Bill, Jr. to take the helm as Pastor. For over 19 years Rev. Bill served Ebenezer until retired on December 31, 2005.

In June 2006, Rev. Kevin Craddock, Sr., faithful servant, was elected and installed as Pastor on October 29, 2006. He is currently the shepherd of our church and is living out what God has called him to do.

Our church has done so much in 61 years of ministry. We have many ministries in the church – Sunday School, Deacon and Trustee Board, Men’s and Women’s Ministries, Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Usher’s Board, Music Ministry and a Media ministry which helps us to keep up with the times.

The Lord has continued to bring people to the church who are excited about being in right relationship with God and who are faithful in servitude. One of those people is Minister Kevin Craddock, II who is Pastor Craddock’s biological and spiritual son. We pray that the Lord continues to keep us as we give Him all the honor and all the praise for what he is doing with our church.

our MIssion

 The Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church of Berkeley is called of God to be a caring Christian community committed to developing a ministry of evangelism that eventuates into emancipation of those who are desirous of becoming members of the body of Christ.

We are called to discover and develop our God-given gifts and become responsible stewards of our talents, time, money and health and through the power of the Holy Spirit make a difference in this community and the world in which we live.

We are called to share the Gospel of Christ and to be a blessing to the hurting and the needy in order to empower them and overcome the injustices that was meted out to them.

May God be praised and glorified in all that we say and do.

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